Zaktech is one of the significant institutions addressing the Information Technology and Industrial Automation demands. We are working with a strong sense of purpose and commitment to progress IT and AI and collaborating with premier worldwide partners.


Our comprehensive knowledge of Information Management Systems ensures that our clients receive a high-quality, cost-effective solution to their needs. They can be relevant to finance, investment banking, human resource management, and the information technology industry as we can:

  1. Technical Knowledge
  2. Consultant for Pre-Sales
  3. Quality Inspection
  4. A Wide Selection of Products
  5. Dedication
  6. Professional Assistance
  7. Client satisfaction

We have formed strategic partnerships with world-leading IT to provide world-class quality IT solutions and services to our customers as a result of our continuous efforts. We believe that selling a product or service is merely the first step in putting together a successful computing solution for our clients; the real work begins when the system is integrated to function under human-interfaced settings. Our strengths lie in our ability to provide a complete variety of pre-and post-sales support and services. Our sales and support staff are essential to determine a customer’s entire needs before recommending a workable solution. Our continuing dedication to providing high-quality, faultless goods and services is seen in our consistent growth and success.

Our Vision:

We seek to be an innovative player in IT Infrastructure, Consultation, Integration, and Support in Pakistan, inspired by the idea of achieving excellence. Today, with a desire to expand and the mindset to compete internationally tomorrow.

Be indispensable to the worldwide technical community and all technical professionals, and be widely acknowledged for the contributions of technology and technical experts to better global circumstances.


Our Mission:

Our primary goal is to promote technical innovation and excellence for the greater good.

Our focus is to achieve a targeted, independently managed program for our Business Partners that will enhance and support their business goals while also providing simple access to an IT industry-leading range of goods and services.